Media production – another important service of “BeMark Consulting” for organizations

People have always used various means and channels of communication and today, information, ideas, knowledge and experience are still being exchanged through direct or indirect communication. Therefore, communication is everything – words, images, symbols, actions, what we do and say, etc., making life and/or activity without communication is unthinkable.

Throughout centuries, following the development of society, means of communication became more and more diverse. In today’s information age, the development of modern technologies and communication tools creates an environment of continuously flowing information. Nowadays, more information is available to the public than ever before and everyone has the opportunity to be both a receiver and a provider of information.

Throughout history, the means of communication – whether verbal, written, or visual – have played a pivotal role in shaping human history and culture. The advent of new technological means of communication has paved the way for the development of a media culture, and it is within this media culture that we find ourselves today.

Correct communication and precisely selected communication channels, appropriate content and high-quality media products were and are important prerequisites for the success of organizations. That is why, among the services of the consulting company “BeMark Consulting” is media production, which involves the creation of a high-quality media product.

The partner in the direction of media production for “BeMark Consulting” is director and producer Gvantsa Mefarishvili, who has 20 years of professional experience in the media field, is the author of art, social, and medical programs, and an artist of documentary, visual, and artistic works.

“Life in the information age has become a challenge for a modern person. The fields that have developed along with incredible technical flexibility have had a revolutionary effect on human psychology. Words which could transform the consciousness have now been replaced by images. In mass communication, audio-visual art has established a kind of regulatory role, with a paternal determination of forms, colours, perspective, sound and music. Businesses feel these changes the most because, for them, the image of the product they offer is vital. We purposely do not talk exclusively about advertising, because we want to deepen the principle of not-so-traditional narrative communication between the business and the audience. “Creative approaches allow us to create audio-visual works to be placed in the media space, establishing a sort of dialogue between the business and its consumers,” Gvantsa Mefarishvili notes.

According to her, in the digital age, information delivery has undergone a special transformation. Media experts are trying to identify principal differences between traditional and mainstream media in terms of their advantages. However, the answer is consistent – it depends on the time and the circumstances. An organized product promotion must employ all effective methods and means of mass media.

“Today, any type of media product is tailored to meet certain needs. The modern viewer, who is also the consumer, is cautious about every second of their time and demands maximum benefit or information from the media. It sounds pragmatic, but that’s how it is. Notably, in a reality where any mobile device can create a high-quality visual effect in seconds, the motivation for creativity increases, and all of this places the media product in a competitive environment, especially with related consumer segments such as cinema, theatre, and conceptual art. A good media product should have the potential for subcultural intervention, continuously challenging the existing and traditionally receptive forms of information,” explains Gvantsa Mefarishvili.

As the partner of “BeMark Consulting” notes, the highly qualified production of the company has the capacity to offer the customer audio-visual products in various formats, whether it is an advertising clip, a “profile” story, a social clip, a TV story, a feature or educational documentaries.

“Our group engages closely with a network of seasoned experts in the field to deliver top-tier results and a quality product. This network includes original content creators, directors, production personnel, camera operators, a technical crew, actors, voiceover artists, translators, and graphic designers. The company’s production process encompasses several critical phases: the initial phase involves discussions with clients, conceptualization, team assembly, production strategy planning, and the deployment of technical resources like cameras, lighting, and audio equipment; the actual production phase entails collaboration with the client, executing the filming plan, and ensuring the concept is realized; and the post-production phase, which involves further client collaboration, editing the material, refining the sound and colour, and delivering the final product. Consequently, the audio-visual content we craft is fully tailored to meet the client’s needs, suited for both internal corporate functions and broader public engagement through various media outlets, including TV, radio, web platforms, and social networks,” states Mefarishvili.

“BeMark Consulting” provides comprehensive and expert media services. Analyzed and interpreted in conjunction with specialized experts, the media content the company creates adheres to contemporary standards of expression, paving the way for individual or shared storytelling narratives.