Since 2023, “BeMark Consulting” has expanded its range of services offering support in Fundraising and Donor Relations

The practice of fundraising, primarily through donations, has a long history dating back to ancient civilizations such as Egypt, Greece, and Rome. However, the modern approaches to fundraising that are familiar to us emerged in the 20th century. As the internet and digital technologies have developed, fundraising methods and sources have undergone significant changes, leading to increased diversity.

Today, fundraising constitutes a multi-billion dollar industry that addresses a broad spectrum of issues, including humanitarian aid, medical research, arts, culture, and more. Fundraising methods continue to evolve, emphasizing data-driven strategies, donor engagement, and transparency.

Over the last decade, Georgia has seen the successful implementation of significant programs and projects across various sectors, thanks to the support of partner nations and donor organizations. However, to meet the commitments outlined in the association agreement with the European Union, uphold the adoption and advancement of international standards within the country, and strengthen the capabilities of civil society and organizations, fundraising continues to play a pivotal role.

In 2023, BeMark Consulting expanded its range of services to include fundraising and donor relations, led by Ketevan Gomelauri. This strategic decision was driven by market demand. Ketevan Gomelauri brings two decades of experience working with international and donor organizations, specializing in securing direct aid and institutional development grants across various sectors.

Ketevan Gomelauri, the partner of BeMark Consulting, emphasizes the continuing importance of fundraising in the present day for advancing initiatives that benefit society. Whether it involves infrastructure development, poverty reduction, scientific advancement, or addressing social and environmental challenges, fundraising continues to play a pivotal role in driving positive change.

In her explanation, Ketevan Gomelauri highlights the relevance of fundraising across private, government, and non-governmental sectors. For private companies, fundraising assumes particular importance in their early stages, before achieving a level of self-sufficiency. Conversely, for the non-governmental sector, fundraising is indispensable, and its existence heavily relies on it. It’s worth noting that in today’s context, non-governmental organizations predominantly rely on the assistance of donor organizations, often with less emphasis on diversifying their funding sources, which, according to the partner of BeMark Consulting, is vital for achieving impactful and sustainable social change.

Ketevan points out the various fundraising mechanisms available. “As I’ve mentioned the non-governmental sector frequently relies on donor organization funds, which typically involve participation in grant competitions. Fundraising can be especially challenging for fledgling organizations due to their limited experience, compounded by the complexities of project proposal requirements that vary among donors, necessitating specialized knowledge. In addition, regional organizations often encounter difficulties accessing alternative funding sources. Managing these funds effectively also poses a challenge that many organizations face when seeking financial support,” notes Ketevan Gomelauri.

According to the partner of BeMark Consulting, for both non-governmental and private organizations seeking funding, it’s crucial to begin by assessing the available financial opportunities within the market for their initiatives. This assessment should include gauging the interest of international, donor, or business organizations. Subsequently, organizations need to determine how to engage and capture the attention of these selected entities, choosing the appropriate channels and employing effective mechanisms and tools to establish goodwill and trust. The latter is particularly vital for fostering long-term partnerships, which necessitate a successful track record. Subsequently, organizations should execute their initiatives with professionalism and high-quality standards, utilizing the acquired funds. This phase demands the essential components of knowledge, skills, and experience.

“In light of these challenges, we provide comprehensive support to organizations seeking to achieve their fundraising objectives, along with project management expertise to ensure successful task completion. Our services encompass market research and donor identification, enhancing fundraising capabilities, project development and management, as well as ongoing support for capability enhancement and process management,” explains Ketevan Gomelauri.”

Notably, the consulting company assists organizations in establishing the connections that enable them to attain their desired outcomes.

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